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About Us

AirMOSAIC was established in 2008 and is owned by Michael Thurland, M. Sc., who has had a long career in consulting in the areas of natural resources management, environment and sustainable rural development.

The long international experience in these fields have led to an increasing recognition that spatial data about natural resources is fundamental to sustainable development planning processes, which has informed the philosophy behind AirMOSAIC.

 "There is no substitute for spatial data in planning processes related to sustainable resource management. This includes the use of spatial data in monitoring and verification of natural and man-made forests and other natural resources for improved natural resource management at national and lower levels and increasingly in relation to the climate change initiatives and mechanisms. For example, under the REDD (Reduction of Emissions form Deforestation and Degradation) initiatives, monitoring and verification of biomass is fundamental in determining changes in carbon content and thus CO2 emissions.  The baselines of such projects can only be established and monitored based on factual data.produced in the field". At the same time, spatial planning is fundamental to achieving sound management of natural resources and should be part of any programmes focussing on institution building and capacity development to achieve good governance). 

Thus, the vision of AirMOSAIC is to provide data for decision support, both in concrete projects but also in a broader development context. To this end, I draw on a large network of specialists, which apart from producing data and analytical support, also enables AirMOSAIC to provide support to larger programmes in a broader context such as socio-economic analyses and related services.

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